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Zend Studio Neon

just a guy with Zend introduced us to Zend Plattform 3.0 and Zend Studio Neon. The new studio is now in the alpha stage, maybe we will actively test it.
There will be two versions - just Eclipse with minimal functions for php development, as they already exist in the well-known plugin, and of course another commercial option with all inters, such as the built-in SQL navigator / editor, WSDL generation, automatic code analyzer and of course plus debugging, profiling with a graphical interface through the platform, if installed. By the way, the platform can be used on the development server for free if there is a license for the studio. All of this can be installed as a whole product or as separate modules for Eclipse.

funny still showed this:

system.out.print ("hello habra!");
what language is it? looks like java, but php is easy to use :)

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