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IdentyMe - Create your virtual business card

Hello dear users.
My name is Sergey, I'm a web designer. I want to bring to your attention our new project called IdentyMe . In short, this is a service for creating virtual business cards. Below, I will tell you in more detail what the service is, what its features are, how we created it, and also we will touch on technical issues and tell you a little about ourselves. Generally it will be fun.

IdentyMe - Create your virtual business card

What is IdentyMe and what is it for?

In our service you can create your own virtual business card, a mini-website if you want. This business card is needed to exchange contact information with your customers, colleagues or just friends. You provide the necessary information about yourself, your contacts, create a portfolio of the best works (if you have them), post a short resume or download the full one in .doc format. Add your social profiles, such as a profile on Habré or vkontakte. First of all, it is a database of people and organizations (yes, a business card can be created not only for people) where customers / employers come to search for the people they need.
First of all, our service will be of interest to people working in the IT industry - web designers, programmers, journalists, translators, SEO. As well as creative people, such as artists, photographers, 3Dshnikam, animators, illustrators. For a wide range of people, having a virtual business card will not be superfluous either, for example, who has his own electronic store. Next is a small example.

soc. profiles

Let's imagine a situation when you are looking for work or orders, if you are a freelancer. You have your own business card on IdentyMe. You are found by people through a search on the service or you yourself give a business card to potential customers. Yes, just indicate it in the signature on the forum, in the profile on the browser, etc. And what does the customer who gets on your business card sees? He sees a simple but beautiful design, only the necessary information about you - your first and last name, what country you are from and a little about you, what you do, your website or blog and email. Fine. He was interested, goes further. Looks at your portfolio, your best work. Then he looks at a brief summary (if you need a full one, downloads it in a .doc or .pdf file), he will learn more about you: how old are you, what languages ​​do you know, what industry do you work in, and what is your field of activity. Wonderful. But if this is not enough for him, he will be able to see the social. profiles and get more information about you. Super! He is ready to give you a job. Also, the customer chooses how it is more convenient for him to contact you, whether through Skype or Gtalk, or you can even through facebook, vkontacte. The greater the choice, the greater the chance that he will write to you.

Sample Virtual Business Card

Thus, IdentyMe is designed to introduce the customer and the artist as quickly as possible, easier and more conveniently, without unnecessary gestures. But this is only one of the options for using the service. A more detailed list of features that you can use, I will tell below, and now let's move on to what we have done.

Final stage

After 3 months of continuous work, we received a product that could already be used and launched it in the Beta version. Of course, there are still a lot of unfinished things, a few minor bugs and a huge amount of little things that need to be implemented. But the service performs the main functions perfectly. With the help of users, we hope to catch the remaining bugs, to make the site more pleasant to use it.

If you want to learn more about the capabilities of IdentyMe, please visit the stanichka - Tour (http://identyme.com/tour), where we described all the main functions of the service or watch a short video on the main page. Also, if you want to follow the development of the project, visit our Twitter profile (http://twitter.com/IdentyMe). There we publish the latest news about the project.

If this article is liked by the habrso community and our IdentyMe service is to my taste, then I will write another article in which I will tell in detail about the following things:

Website: http://identyme.com

identyme qrcode

We will welcome any comments and suggestions regarding the IdentyMe.

ps Personally, I do not think our project is a start-up, but since there is not enough karma for the “I Feel” blog, I publish it here.
ps2 I apologize if the article turned out dry and dull, my first article.

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