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Obama signed Aypad with his finger

The first person who catches the eye in this picture is absolutely calm compared to the rest, a young man in a T-shirt with a picture of Barack Obama and Aypad in his hand. Pay attention, he stands, pointing to Aypad, and quietly waits for the President of the United States to approach him.

A young African American, let's call him Sylvester Cann IV (this name was noted in the Adobe Ideas application that he used), wrote a request to the president on the screen of his gadget. It read: "Mr. President, sign my iPad."

And despite the absence of the word “please” in the said request, it is obvious from considerations to leave more room for the president’s signature, Barack Obama signed the tablet.

Here is what Sylvester Kann IV told the correspondent after this event:
“At a rally in Seattle, Washington, at the University of Washington, the president used the touchscreen of my Aipad to give me his autograph. At first, the security service expressed doubts about this idea of ​​mine, but afterwards they liked them, and the president thought it was great.
He looked slightly surprised, but continued to use his finger, signing the iPad, using the Adobe Ideas application. I even have a video of this event on my website. Looks like this is the first iPad that got an autograph from the president. ”

The mini-site , which mentioned Cannes, was created by him on this occasion and was aptly named "I thought, why not ask?". It has a lot of photos and videos, as well as links to sites that have published information about this event. Thanks for posting, Sylvester!

This is not the first time that Apple products appear in the news in close proximity to the leaders of world powers. Most recently, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev received a new iPhone from the founder of Apple. And from the photographs of our president posted on the Internet, one can judge that he is a fan and an active user of Apple products.

The president of the United States prefers using the BlackBerry® 9000 Bold in everyday life. Who knows, maybe after this incident, he will pay more attention to the products of the “apple company”?

via Techcrunch

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106918/

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