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PenguSpy will help you choose a game for Linux

For a long time, in the presentation of a simple Windows user, Linux is a terrible OS without a graphical interface for red-eyed “computer scientists”, where the only game is a monochrome snake. The roots of such a view sit in deep antiquity of antiquity, but such myths are slowly dispersed. Thanks to the popularization of such systems as Ubuntu and Fedora, the myth about the unsuitability of the interface of systems with the Linux kernel has fallen apart, for distributions have appeared with a friendly interface and a set of necessary spherical housewives in a vacuum of programs. But the second myth holds fast. And there are good reasons for this.

The popularity of GNU / Linux systems in the whole mass of personal computers is negligible (0.5-1%), while game publishers are interested in making a profit, and the Linux niche niche is very small to beat out some kind of profit. And, looking at Mac OS X (or rather, the indifference of publishers to this platform), you realize that even 10% of the market will not greatly help the number of games. Yes, it can be argued that why games on a computer, when there is a huge selection of consoles, both stationary and portable. And the publishers, in order to escape from computer pirates, tried to pay attention to the set-top boxes, but the pirates got to the publishers there too. Therefore, games on the computer will not lose their popularity, since technically even laptops can draw modern 3D games at the maximum graphic settings. Consequently, we return to the original: what to play on Linux. You can play a lot by screwing all kinds of crutches in the form of PlayOnLinux, Cedega and other game wain-adapters. But I want to dwell on native games, the publishers of which provided for work under the penguins.
A good PenguSpy web resource can help in this. Resource editors compile games into a database that can be run on Linux. The catalog, though not very voluminous, is structured by genres (arcades, role-playing, strategies, etc.), as well as commercial and free. Editors of the site who like the games mark it with the “Pengu Choice” icon, which means that it is imperative to play these games on such Linux-based bezrybe. But what is offered for the Linux platform can be called expensive elite tuna, and not beardless. What to say about Amnesia, Doom 3, Quake 4, Penumbra? And about the legendary Neverwinter Nights, describing one of the most popular and detailed fantasy settings? And you can find a lot of similar games in the database.
As for the site itself, it is written by a gamer programmer in HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. The project in the form that now started on October 4 of this year. Therefore, if you gerontophile with IE 6, then do not forget to install the Google Chrome Frame plugin and launch it in the forced mode. You can evaluate the games, what the author asks for tears, as well as leave feedback and interact with your accounts on Digg, Facebook and Twitter. Also, if you know some kind of game that works natively on Linux, then you can add it to the database. The disadvantages of the project include the English-language interface, as well as the fact that there are no installation instructions for Linux, since they are included in the link on the official website. In general, not so simple.

But the trend can not but rejoice. Games are released and supported. I hope that with the implementation of Gallium3D, which will bring native support for DirectX 10/11 in Linux, developers will spend a little amount of time to make a sensible port for new games in Linux.


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