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Google set a new record for web traffic

Google can communicate on equal terms with Tier 1 backbone operators (of which there are 13 of them in the world). In terms of traffic volumes, it has already overtaken almost everyone. According to Arbor Networks statistics , in September 2010, Google’s share of global Internet traffic rose to a record 6.4% and there was only a single backbone provider that sends more traffic through itself than Google’s network supplies to Tier 1 and Tier 2 operators. .

In January, Google had only about 5% of world traffic. Considering the growth of the Internet by 40-45%, the total Google traffic increased by about 80% in nine months. It is impressive that the infrastructure of one company technically withstands such gigantic loads and continues to work almost without failures.

These are the figures obtained from actual measurements on ISP 110+ routers in all regions of the world that supply data to the ATLAS system. The statistics do not include the delivery of Google traffic under peer-to-peer ISP agreements. If we consider the use of Google Global Cache , then according to Arbor Networks experts, the share of Google is about 8-12%.
According to Arbor Networks, Google has already entered into peering agreements with 70% of all Internet service providers in the world (60-65% a year ago). In reality, the only operators that have not installed Google cache servers are several Tier 1 operators, as well as national operators who are not allowed to do so either by government legislation or by commercial interests.

Although from a commercial point of view, Google’s business can discuss and analyze its prospects, but from a telecommunications point of view, the company already de facto controls a significant part of the Internet and penetrates the network infrastructure.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106904/

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