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Unemployed directors blame the crisis of the Internet film industry


The film industry is now experiencing hard times, as many representatives of this line of business believe, and so does Oscar-winning film director Neil Jordan (Interview with the Vampire, In the Company with the Wolves), who expressed a similar opinion at the International Film Festival currently held in Tokyo . Jordan believes that the Internet is guilty of the crisis in the film industry, which literally absorbs huge masses of people, radically changing their habits (not just the habit of going to the cinema). Of course, the question is controversial, because the web does not watch movies only lazy (just look at the attendance of all there is online cinemas). But, most likely, such an experienced filmmaker still has grounds for such an opinion.

For example, Jordan does not just think that filmmaking is in crisis - his acquaintances, directors, are all without work. Well, everything, or almost everything. It is worth noting that at the Tokyo Film Festival it was this man who headed the jury, and in his welcoming speech he immediately complained about the Internet. “I believe that the film industry is in a deep crisis, and the main reason is the Internet. The same reason was the cause of the crisis in other industries - music, book publishing and others. The Internet is completely changing people's habits, and for this reason, everything is changing now, ”said Neil Jordan.
It's funny, but the first film shown at this event was “Social Network”, which shows the development of Facebook and its current head, Mark Zuckerberg. Representatives of the Japanese cinema complained that in Japan the attendance of cinemas is gradually decreasing, since many people prefer to watch movies at home, mostly through the Internet. Interestingly, and what's the difference for filmmakers, will a person watch a movie at home or in a movie theater, if in law-abiding countries the majority either buy a movie disc or buy the movie itself through the same Internet? Every week, every now and then they announce the millions of dollars collected by one or other films - 10-15 years ago such amounts were not even dreamed of by many film producers. But, as we see, even the directors are already complaining that they lose their job because of the Web, let alone the actors or other representatives of the film industry.

True, Jordan believes that a way out of the crisis is possible - for this, he said, it is necessary to hold film festivals more often, so that such events do not look like “film ghettos”.

In principle, such an authoritative representative of the film industry can be trusted, probably - to whom, if not the director, to feel the influence of any undercurrents in the entertainment industry? The ordinary viewer probably does not feel any crisis so far - dozens of films are shown on the screens as they were shown, some of which can even be watched. Just kidding Let's wait, maybe the situation will somehow clear up. In the meantime ... watch the film on the web, or what? :-)

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