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October FOSS Meeting 2010

The team of the newspaper FOSS News and the journal RootUA with the support of the Department of Thermal Physics, Information Technology Center, Faculty of Distance Education, IIPE, Illichivsk Institute of ONU. I.I. Mechnikov and Microsoft Ukraine starts the autumn cycle of events dedicated to free / open source software.

The October meeting will be held on the 30th in the audience number 73 of the main building of ONU. I.I. Mechnikov at st. Noble, 2.
The event starts at 12.00 (registration from 11.30).

In a programme:
* Opening of the autumn cycle FOSS Meeting (Dmitry Spodarets)
* Introduction to Virtualization (Dmitry Spodarets)
* Virtualization based on Microsoft Windows (Igor Shastitko)
* Meet OpenVZ (Dmitry Spodarets)
* New features of Ubuntu 10.10 (Vladimir Popov / Dmitry Spodarets)
* Meet UALinux (Vladimir Popov)
* Ubuntu Install Fest
Additional information, as well as the mandatory pre-registration - on the event website at: http://foss-fest.com/index.php?id=1086

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