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Game consoles are not suitable for the average family

Although it has long been burned out with computer toys, yet from time to time there is a desire to get distracted and play something. In large supermarkets, I watched with interest the growth of expositions of game consoles and accessories to them. As a result, I decided to consider the possibility of buying home one of the consoles of the modern generation (PS3, XBOX360 or Wii).
At the preliminary analysis stage, the Nintendo Wii version was dropped, since it seemed very weak technically and using it with a FullHD TV would be sacrilegious. Moreover, the Nintendo pristravka lost the exclusivity of its revolutionary controllers after the announcement of Move from Sony and Kinect from Microsoft.

Of the two remaining applicants, the most promising system from Sony seemed to be at the expense of more efficient electronics, which gives hope for better graphics and using Blu-Ray as a carrier, which should open up more possibilities for game developers. And the Move controllers are cheaper than Kinect, although of course they don't look so revolutionary.

Well, with a favorite for myself, I decided - go to the supermarket to watch prices. And then the picture is certainly far from bright. If the consoles all cost about the same (10-15 thousand rubles) and are significantly cheaper than a good gaming computer, then something absolutely incredible is happening with the prices for games. For a toy for XBOX360 or PS3 they ask from 1 to 3 thousand rubles. Disks for Wii cost a little cheaper, but they also usually cost more than a thousand rubles. Those. the purchase of each game should be a real financial event for the family budget. And if for some games that you can play endlessly (simulators, strategies, fighting games), you can give this amount, then for toys with the passage of this money is just a pity, because after a few hours of play, this disc may no longer be needed.
It is clear that you can start bothering with the search for supported discs or their pirated versions (with all the troubles on chipsetting consoles), but the prefixes are invented so that they can entertain without these extra gestures.

Neighboring racks for PC games were much more popular. Here, for example, came across a luxurious gift edition of the 5th civilization with a mass of bonuses for 800 rubles. On a set-top box, it would probably take thousands for it to be 5.

As a result, he came to the conclusion that, at such prices, an average family with average incomes would rather choose a computer as a gaming platform and make a difference here only by lowering the price of games to a reasonable level, as happened with the PC games market.

It would be interesting to read the reviews that use prefixes about how much this pleasure costs and how convenient everything is.

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