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Yandex.Probki widget: 1.3.6

Disclamer: I understand that software updates on habre are not welcome. However, this update carries, as it seems to me, a killer functionality, so do not judge too hard.

My first project for Android, to my surprise, is gaining momentum. I had a couple of days of free time and realized what I wanted for a long time.

Main change: traffic jams
Now you don’t have to look at the average stopper points on average in a hospital. Set in the settings the address of home and work, the time of departure from them and get points of traffic jams and the estimated travel time directly along your route in the right direction.

Depending on the current time and the specified settings, the route home → work or work → home will be displayed.

Unfortunately, this functionality works only for Moscow. But, as soon as Yandex learns how to build routes in other cities - the widget will immediately receive this opportunity.

The widget has got its own house, where you can always download the latest version, leave a comment, wish, or get support: syntezzz.ru/Android/YandexTraffic

Thanks for attention. I hope the widget can make it easier for you to choose the time you leave the office)

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