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For beginners in Mac / iPhone programming: watch videos from epl under Mac - you can see the subtitles! (as well as some of the most important links)

In my opinion, it is extremely convenient to learn new frameworks when programming for iPhone (and, possibly, for Mac) by watching videos about iTunes University for free (each about an hour long, there are 50 of them). After watching the video, a clear picture is created in the head, what is connected with what and how, what causes, what classes there are, and then reference is enough, which is built into Xcode to see the prototype methods and property names. IMHO, without these videos, using only reference and guide and examples, to understand the same framework is orders of magnitude more difficult and longer (especially in all related to video and audio).

All the time I watched these videos on an iPhone while traveling on vehicles (well, and sometimes under Windows, using quicktime player v 7.6.6 is practically the current version). Recently, for the first time, I started playing a video under MacOS, and of good ofigel - they, it turns out, have English subtitles! This is extremely convenient for those who poorly understand English by ear.

UPD: On the iPhone and iPad subtitles can also be included !!! Click on the button to the left of the volume slider.
I hope this will help someone (especially those who do not have a computer with Mac OS, but are thinking about developing an iPhone and are familiar with the documentation).

Well, the courtesy collection of links for beginners from xzDeveloper - what to read, what to see (in order of removal from the source):

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106888/

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