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Free-lance.ru blocks oxygen to free accounts

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I always perceived Free-lance.ru as a convenient and beautiful service for searching artists. According to my observations, the most professional freelancers have a scheduling schedule in advance and sometimes they have to wait several months until the people you need are free. These people do not fight for projects, on the contrary, projects find them. Not all professionals have a pro account.

And once again I needed to find people for the project. I was very surprised when I did not find a single person with the skill I needed.

The first thing I began to sin on search errors. I tested on some keywords for which hundreds of people used to find ... There are less than 20 people. Posted in support. During the correspondence it became clear that this is not a bug. The search is conducted only by keywords in the freelancers' specialization, and only pro account owners can indicate these keywords. Probably, Free-lance.ru decided to destroy as a class of users without a pro account.

Previously, the search was made also on the summary. Search for keywords entered 4 months ago, as they wrote in the project news . Apparently, recently the search for resume and brief information was turned off altogether. Another 2-3 weeks ago, I successfully found hundreds of people to satisfy the request, and now 0!
There were no statements from the project, everything was done quietly. Even the majority of pro remained in the span - not all keywords were indicated and such pro also do not fall into the search.

Now I’m looking for a google site showing the right keywords, but I’ve made conclusions for myself.

ZY Dear owners of pro accounts, drive in keywords, customers can not find you.
ZYY.Y. Before that, the nuts were tightened by setting the limits of responses to the projects. This has already been written on Habré .

UPD. habrahabr.ru/blogs/freelance/106879/#comment_3364262 It turns out that the support service has slandered itself, has told itself to cancel the search on the resume and said that there is no other search. It turns out there is another search. Apparently now support will receive vtykov)

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106879/

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