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Android, iPad and jQuery - the hottest topics for freelancers

The aggregator of freelance sites DoNanza today published statistics for the III quarter. 2010 with a list of the most sought-after skills among freelancers.

The last column shows the change from the previous quarter. This is an important graph, because with such a sharp increase in projects there is a shortage of performers and prices in these areas are going up.

As you can see, in recent months, the number of orders for the development of mobile applications, especially Android (+20 positions), has increased dramatically.
The study also showed that over the last quarter in the amount of all freelance exchanges was 45% more projects. The number of projects for developing applications for iPhones has grown by 43% (according to the market), while orders for Android have grown by 99%. The number of projects for the iPad increased by 75%.

The average project budget for the iPad has grown to $ 1,800, Android is near $ 1,770. Due to the popularity of the iPhone platform, a surplus of developers began to be felt on the market and prices for iPhone projects fell from $ 1,750 to $ 1,430 in the quarter.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106875/

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