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Updated Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst, Flex SDK. New product - Digital Publishing Suite

After 6 months after the release of Flex 4, Adobe is releasing the first previews of the next product line of Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst, Flex SDK as well as a new product - Digital Publishing Suite

Key features of the new Flex :

Development of mobile and "multi-screen" (designed for different resolutions and screen orientation) applications. Read more
Accelerate development for Flex and ActionScript projects. Read more

Improved workflow designer <-> developer.

Improved platform support and improved performance. Spark components added. Read more

While Android is supported from mobile platforms, iOS and WebOS are promised in the future.

Key features of the new Catalyst

Size-adjustable objects and applications. It is an obvious feature necessary for developing applications for different resolutions.

Enhancements for a designer designer <-> developer.

New layout panel (Align) and Wireframe components for prototyping.

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite is a collection of services and viewing technologies that are closely integrated with CS5 products. Using the Digital Publishing Suite, publishers will be able to develop and publish digital publications for mobile platforms. For example, it will be possible to create electronic versions of magazines "wrapped" in the viewer, almost directly from InDesign CS5. My colleagues are very interested.

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