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We invite all students to attend the Microsoft Technology Day at Moscow State University on November 1 - in person or online

Yes, this is no longer news , but we wanted to invite you personally! November 1, 2010 from 15:00 to 19:00 at the Moscow State University there will be a student day of Microsoft technologies , at which Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will speak. Steve will talk about how Microsoft sees the future of information technology, and will make at least one interesting announcement. Come to the event and watch the broadcast - we have tried very hard to find interesting reports for you !


In addition to Steve, Kirill Faenov , who is responsible for Technical Computing (using computers in high-performance scientific computing), will speak at the event. We will also talk about how you can use Microsoft technologies in study, work and research, show how you can create a computer game for a new Windows Phone 7 phone in a few tens of minutes, or a beautiful Silverlight web interface; We will demonstrate some products and services that - we hope - will change your perception of Microsoft as a company that makes only boring business operating systems.

More information about the event - on the site http://student-day.ru . On the same site will be an online broadcast of the event, from 15:00 on 1 November. To get to the event itself at Moscow State University, you need until the end of the day on October 27 :

We sincerely hope to see interested guys and girls at the event - so that our efforts are not in vain! If you are going to watch an online broadcast - please be sure (in addition to popcorn) to a twitter account in order to be able to interact with the speakers using the hash tag #studay . Wishes and comments are gratefully accepted in the comments!

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