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Adobe released Apollo beta, renaming it AIR

Adobe released the beta on Adobe Integrated Runtime on Monday, or simply AIR. In fact, AIR is not something new - this is the same Adobe Apollo Platform, which has already been released in a preview version for developers.

Adobe Integrated Runtime is a cross-platform runtime environment that allows web developers to write web applications available offline. But unlike Google Gears, which also allows web applications to work without connecting to the network, programs written in AIR can work without using a browser as stand-alone desktop applications.

The new version fully supports HTML and Ajax, so now AIR-applications can be created without using Flash - even for development you can use JavaScript and Adobe Flex. Adobe has also released an extension for Dreamweaver (can be downloaded here ).
If you are interested, you can familiarize yourself with AIR-applications in the catalog of AIR-programs .

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/10686/

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