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Ten of the best games to play in a drunken state

The site Destructoid.com has published a list of computer (or console) games that it makes sense to chop while “under the fly”. The authors of the material warn that they are not responsible for damage to the game consoles, liver and other values.

10 place got the game The Sims. Drunk mind will find what to do with virtual men.

On the 9th place - Burnout Revenge. Shoot down the people with your car fun and exciting.
8th place - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Car racing is ten times more interesting when alcohol is haunting the blood.

7 place is occupied by the legendary Worms. Competitions ridiculous worms will be like a drunken brawl.

6th place was awarded to WarioWare. This collection of mini-games, created not so much for entertainment, as for checking oneself, amuse a drunken company.

At 5 place was the game Gears Of War. Aggressive game. The main thing - do not leave the house.

4 place takes Guitar Hero 2. You need to get drunk, feel like Ritchie Blackmore and then go to sleep dead.

The “hot three” looks like this:

3rd place - sports games for the Wii console. The authors insist on bowling and boxing - probably the most difficult thing to do when drunk.

2 place - Halo 2. For some reason, many lovers of alcoholic drinks prefer to chop for life with “strangers”.

1st place - Super Smash Bros. Melee. A scuffle between the characters of Nintendo games can be arranged for as many as four.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/10685/

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