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Windows 8 may appear in two years

Yesterday, a message appeared on the Web, on the official Microsoft blog (not only in English, but for some reason on the Dutch website) that Windows 8 will appear on the market in about two years. Now, as stated in the same post, active work is underway on this OS. Interestingly, the company’s representatives have not yet commented on the information that has appeared, although, of course, it has interested many.

The Microsoft blog post is also confirmed by the slides that came out this summer, which show the features of the new operating system. In order to comply with the spirit of the times, Windows 8 will maintain a wireless connection with the TV, plus work with 3D displays and the same TV. Note also the identification of users - the system will now not work with a password system, but face recognition (most likely, the password system will also be there, not everyone has a webcam, right?).
The developers promise to make the system very fast, and it will be noticeable already at the stage of getting out of sleep mode - the “waking up” OS will start working within a second. In addition, the developers plan to introduce Windows Store in the new OS - everything is correct, you need to follow the spirit of the times, right? The same Apple corporation is already hard at work on the Mac App Store, which will use the same principle that works in the usual App Store.

Among other things, the new OS from Microsoft will help reduce energy costs. Most likely, more substantial updates for this operating system will be presented, since for two years we have been working to speed up the download and integration of the online software store, which is a lot of it.

It is worth recalling that the same Windows 7 saw the light in October 2009, and can be considered a fairly successful OS, especially after the unsuccessful launch of Vista, which was scolded by everyone.

It turns out that if the information about the release of Windows 8 is true, then the interval between releases of Windows OS will be 3 years.

It is also worth noting that today, a couple of hours ago, a post about Windows 8 was changed on the same Dutch site, more precisely, it was not changed, but was removed. Instead, a description of the service pack for Windows 7, SP1. He is now being tested and will be released in the first half of next year.

Well, it may well be that someone over there in Microsoft mixed up the files, and instead of publishing information about SP1 for Windows 7, posted information about the new OS, which so far are only used internally.

It remains to be expected official comments from representatives of Microsoft.


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