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Each student - on the "hamster"

A couple of weeks ago, a lightweight version of ABBYY FineReader 10 - Home Edition (we affectionately call it “hamster”) was released. The "home" version of our favorite product was created on the same technologies as the Professional Edition (you may have read about it on Habré), but it has fewer functions. “Easy” (read: cheap) The FineReader 10 has been awaited by the student fraternity for a long time - finally it waited :)

What's new in FR 10 Home Edition? New interface. Someone has already managed to praise, someone has managed to scold - the interface is minimalistic. Not the same as in the version for Mac, but still.

As in the Professional Edition, the main work scenarios are displayed in a window that opens at startup. Immediately choose what we want to do - scan the document, open an existing one, open a photo, open a beer, - and where to convert it - to Word, Excel, PDF. The new version is also able to save in DOCX, XLSX, RTF, TXT and HTML (this can then be read in electronic books). Press the button - we get the result immediately in the selected program. This time.

If we didn’t like the recognition result, go back to the FineReader window and mark up the areas if the program did it incorrectly.


The second “trick” of the tenth Home Edition is photo recognition. Now you don’t need to scan a book in the library, you can just take a picture of it - a “hamster”, don’t see that it’s small and light, it even copes with pictures taken by a mobile phone (the camera should be at least 2 MPix and autofocus). How to work with a photo: choose the “Photo” script - the image editor opens. It can correct trapezoidal distortion, reduce noise and blur. All this will help the program to recognize your image correctly. Click on the button - we get the recognized document, again in the format that was chosen in the first step.


Like the "big brother", Home Edition is able to preserve the original formatting of the document: the processing restores the styles of fonts and titles, table of contents, footers, page numbering, footnotes, captions to pictures and diagrams. This happens thanks to the ADRT (Adaptive Document Recognition Technology) technology, about which we will tell you in detail soon :) These are three.

What else? Hamster supports Windows 7, works directly from Word, Excel, Outlook and Windows Explorer, recognizes documents in 179 languages ​​based on Cyrillic, Latin, Greek and Armenian alphabets. Other details about ABBYY FineReader 10 Home Edition are on our website .

A few words about the differences between the "home" version of FineReader and the "professional" one. The main thing is that the Professional Edition supports work with document packages, contains a text editor, allows for more input formats, recognizes barcodes, checks spelling and contains more advanced features. Learn more about ABBYY FineReader 10 Professional Edition on our website .

Here you can download the extended trial version of FR Home Edition (30 days, 100 pages), which we released specifically for Habr readers. Write in the comments your impressions about the new version of FineReader - your opinion is important to us!

Sveta Luzgina
Corporate Communications Service

With the support of the department of products for text recognition

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