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MobiQuest - Mobile Marketing Automation

Hello, friends!
It's time to meet you. We are MobiQuest , so to speak, an adapter for connecting interactive.

It is clear that you will not be surprised by anything, but we are not going to. We just want to tell you about ourselves, ask you to study our service carefully and get a dozen quality reviews from you.
What is Mobicvest ? This is a convenient, understandable and multifunctional online platform for creating interactive products on several mobile platforms at once.

Especially for users of Habrahabr we have a bonus when registering, but more on that later, but for now I want to show you that the interface is simple and functional not only in the words of the interested creators, but also in action.

Consider an example of creating a quiz:

1. Information

The first stage is the easiest - choose your unique code, name and type of adventure.

2. Description

It is necessary to write in free form a brief and detailed description of your adventure, as well as indicate its duration.

3. Scenario

Probably, filling the Script is even easier than filling the Information.

4. Tasks

At this stage we add the text of the task. Remember that in the answers you need to list all possible spellings so as not to cause negative emotions in a person who knows the answer, but incorrect wording prevents him from proceeding to the next stage.

After adding the task, we will return to the general list, where you can add or delete tasks, sort them by different parameters or leave everything as it is and go to the next step.

5. Publication

The last (not in importance, but in order) stage. Here we get acquainted with all the information we are interested in and change the status of the adventure.

The user can pass the quiz in 4 ways:
Creating an adventure, quiz, poll, etc. worth nothing - the author pays only in
If the participant has passed (completed):
For the passage of one job, the author of the adventure pays 3 rubles (in a survey, it is 2 rubles). That is, for example, if 100 people took part in the adventure, the author will pay 300 rubles (if there was one task).
For completed tasks, detailed statistics are kept, which allows real-time tracking of the cost, scope and effectiveness of mobile interactive actions.

We invite you to independently test our site and, as a sign of goodwill and special attitude to Habr users, we give a bonus in the form of 300 rubles to your account. To get them, you need to register in the "How did you know" field to write habr .

We are just starting to spin. We have something to learn and what to improve. Therefore, right now your opinion is especially significant for us.

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