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Commentary of the day: Records

Summed up the competition :

The first honorable Powerball receives rodionov for an action-packed psychological drama " 18 days without the Internet ."

The second , no less honorable, prize will go to Brontozaurus - for the high skill of technical support .
Habrayuzer prxms rightly impose trained hands for the third prize for an inspiring sporting achievement .

For the nostalgic for school days success story, the fourth “Mighty Orb” we give aliev .

And finally, the fifth prize is given to Levsha100 for ingenuity and, in particular, for the idea of ​​a bomb.

I congratulate all the winners and ask to send me a personal contact to send the prize. And thanks to all the participants! That was great :)

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106833/

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