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Once again about learning languages

Greetings to the community. Everything is as usual - I made the service and I hasten to share))
Without long raskachek about the essence: we all love to watch movies in English with subtitles. This is one of the ways of learning, which is easy and is not perceived as an occupation. There is only one drawback - systemically learning the language is so rather difficult.
I thought it would be nice to take the best and bring in a bit of a system. As a result, over the course of a few weekends, this was born: fridgevideocards.com is a service for learning new words. Words are sorted by frequency of use (frequency dictionaries), for each word there is a translation, a video slice and subtitles, as an example of its use. For some languages, there is still a word sound separate from the video.
Make the service turned out quickly - youtube and its videos with subtitles are used, the google dictionary is used for translation. I plan to somehow earn money on the service, but so far I have not fully decided how, and whether the model of paid subscriptions will be in demand at all.
Please kick back.
PS: do not go all the time, hosting frail)
PPS: I’ll have absolutely no time for marketing this service now. If there are people here who like the idea and they know how to make money on it - welcome: 50/50.
PPPS: who needs PRO akki - write to the address at the bottom of the site with the login.


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