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Startup Weekend: 3 days, 2 programs and 3 places in MBA

Only 4 days left before the start of the first St. Petersburg Startup Weekend!

We remind you that the main purpose of participation in Startup Weekend is to work with experts and search for a mentor in your project. This process will take place in several stages:
Please note : only those of you who will speak with your ideas and projects on Friday will be able to work with experts! To apply for a speech, register and email us at idea@glavstart.ru - we will send you a couple of templates that you will need to fill out.

For those who come on the Weekend without a project, we have prepared a separate program and a useful surprise:

Throughout Startup Weekend , the talanting recruitment agency will evaluate the professional competencies and personal qualities of the participants, as well as give advice on the development of your career.
(Attention - buns!) The three most promising (in the opinion of recruiters) participant will receive a grant for free education at MBA Leader in St. Petersburg from the Graduate School of Business.


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