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vWorkspace 7.2 Beta 2 - generating a config.xml file using AppPortal

Quest vWorkspace is a VDI solution, one of the market leaders, along with Citrix XenDesktop and VMware View.
However, for the aftermath of time, the config.xml file located on the local network is required for automatic configuration of the user part of the Quest vWorkspace software. At the moment, edit this file have to hand. But progress does not stand still;)
The recently released Beta 2 product of vWorkspace 7.2 allows you to generate config.xml AUTOMATICALLY directly from AppPortal (client part)!
To do this, open the Actions menu -> Manage Connections and click on the Manage Connections button.

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Next, select the farm to connect. It should be noted that for export only manual configuration is possible.
After setting up the connection, just click the “Export” button and voila - the file is ready :)
Quest vWorkspace config on Twitpic

It should be noted that after saving this file you can still edit manually.

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