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As for 20 000 r. attract the attention of visitors to the online exhibition

image These girls attracted the attention of almost the entire male contingent of the RIW 2010 exhibition.

It was quite easy to hire such beauties (as it was done, see at the end of the post).

Photos of girls are clickable.



And this is how it was done:


Only about 20 000 rubles. I saw only 2 girls. He suggested that the first was for 9000, and the second for 6000. + 5000 artist services (I do not know the exact prices).

Honestly, I even feel sorry for the girls. In my opinion in the hall for naked man is not particularly comfortable temperature. Although it is possible the paint has thermal insulation properties.

Yes, and thousands of hot men's views should not be discounted.

PS I have nothing to do with the company that the girls advertise. Not to the site where you can find such girls. Not for girls :-)

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106803/

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