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Investigate CHP-7

Recently, I was lucky to be in the depths of CHP-7 - on Vasilyevsky Island, one of the oldest power plants in St. Petersburg, launched in 1932.

Last year, the power plant received this brand new 50 MW generator. In total, the CHP produces up to 130 MW for the needs of a small part of residential buildings and, if I am not mistaken, some plants. For comparison, the LNPP produces up to 4000 MW.

A single device located directly next to the generator shows the speed of rotation of the turbine. She is almost always exactly 3,000, sometimes for a second she goes down to 2999.

But he, but closer to the entrails. We were shown just on the seribris rotating part. It is even imperceptible - it turns so clearly and quickly.

More detailed information on the operation of the generator is already in the monitoring room.

Laughing, the guys said that this is the main tool for all occasions.

One of the boilers. The main "ingredients", of course - gas, air and water. As I understand it, some of the boilers can work on fuel oil, but they hardly use it now. Near the unit is quite noticeable heat. And noisy just gut.

View down under the boiler.

Boiler condition monitoring system. Water for them is taken directly from the Neva.

One of the monitoring rooms.

The arrow on the piston indicates the vapor pressure. Now ok 250 kgf / cm ^ 2

The room with the turbines - they are in the blue "boxes".

One of the generators was in a semi-disassembled state - the insides were taken away for repair. This is a generator winding.

Another indispensable tool is the Barsik hefty metal crap. If you need to tighten the nut harder (and God forbid there nuts), then the Barsica is swinging and herachat directly on the wrench.

High-voltage cable for 7 KV, which they call feeder. They go to the transformer, which further increases the voltage, and then it seems to be branching out to consumers.

A veteran turbogenerator is standing at the entrance to one of the buildings. Has worked more than 50 years.

And finally, some warning signs.

Thanks to Max for organizing the hike and to the employees of the CHP for an interesting excursion!

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