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paragraph in comments and polls in rss

I will write about 2 more things that prevent me from perceiving information, without being distracted by the assumptions about "what would it mean." Paragraphs in comments and polls in rss. At the same time I will try how habrakat works.

I like the design of the habr. In the sense - not some specific things, but the style, colors, fonts and their sizes in the complex. However, because of this design, sometimes it is not visually clear what applies to anything. I don’t know how it was before, but since I didn’t pay attention, it was probably different. Now in the comments to the article, the first paragraph is indented. And, for some reason, only the first. Here is the first topic:
discussion example
To figure out what “23” refers to - you need to mentally draw a vertical line from the first paragraph of the previous message on a white background. It is good that the previous message consists of one line.
And the message “Money, connections, iron nerves and steel eggs will be useful!” Is generally difficult to understand ... It seems to be more to the left of the previous answer, but also to the right of the message to it ... In general, there is confusion.

The second is articles with polls, the way they look in rss. The bottom line is that they do not look. Just a headline and that's it. Now I already know that, most likely, there is a vote there (if it is not the voice of Reason, for example) ... But it must also be learned. Any thread of comments (at least in the form of the word "habros") would be very useful.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/10680/

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