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Country of the Blind

I wonder why the opportunity to see who among the users is present at this moment on the site where I am still is not implemented globally. Wandering through the modern Internet, each of us feels like the inhabitants of the Wells "Country of the Blind." But it’s not hard to open your eyes, and timid attempts to make it happen for quite a long time.

The only implementation independent of a specific site that I came across is the one that is built into the instant messenger Odigo. But since not many people use the messenger itself, it is still problematic to meet someone while walking around the network.

Local implementations of such a mechanism are common on forums - where they can be easily organized, as there is a database of registered users. But outside the framework of a particular site, the surfer again falls into the blind zone.
At the same time, the implementation itself is nothing complicated technically. The most convenient is the presence of such an opportunity, built into the browser. The ability to "see" those who surround you on a particular site, and generally in the network, would give an excellent start to one of the competitors in the browser race.

Probably, the problem is only in the answer to the question “what to cling to?”. If everything is clear on the forums or in Odigo - the nickname of the registered user is displayed, then something more global is needed in the browser to hook. For example, OpenID , which at the expense of such a binding would have received tangible progress in its distribution. But the option of creating an alternative service by browser developers is not at all excluded.

Opportunities for “vision” on the Internet are prompting development - “turning on / off” visibility with one button (similar to “invisible” in messengers), the ability to “cling” to the user you are interested in and walk over it on the Internet (and the alternative opportunity to “tear off”) ), friends locator, which will show who is wandering where now, and will give the opportunity to join them. It is surprising that no one is still trying to do this.

Or is this strange thing no one needs?

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