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Report from the southern quarter finals

Good day, harabrachitel!
A couple of hours ago, I got off the train Saratov-Volgograd, and, recovering a little, decided to write a small report on the last quarter-final of the ACM ICPC 2010-2011 on October 19-23 in the glorious city of Saratov.

This year 63 teams took part in the competition, 47 of them from other cities. There was a very decent quota for semifinal places for such a large number of teams. And this year they had 14!
According to the already established tradition, the first day consisted of a grand opening and a trial tour.

On the second day, there was a competition for programming game strategies (aka code game challenge), in which besides teams of participants teams of coaches could participate. What many coaches and took advantage of. From our university, there were two trainers who made up the team.
Compared to last year, the organizers have made a noticeable improvement in the game world.

According to the results of the battles, the winners are:

Video of one of the final battles is attached:

On this entertainment ended and the next day was the contest itself. This year, for the first time, I was “on the other side” of the monitor - namely from the coaches.

After the first solved problems, it was possible to determine the blocks in which the struggle would take place. For quite a long time, the team of Nizhny Novgorod State University held in the first place, showing a very high class of work (for the entire contest, only one penalty attempt). However, the team of Saratov State University # 2 did not lag behind. Several times the team of Volgograd State Technical University # 1 rose to the 3rd position. At the time of freezing, the top 4 teams had 8 solved problems and several attempts to solve undelivered tasks.

But if the composition of the leaders was almost unchanged, then what happened below was more exciting - the struggle unfolded among teams with 5 tasks each.

The resulting monitor was significantly different from the monitor at the time of freezing. One of the top teams passed the 9 task, becoming the only team with 9 tasks. In the last hour, another team appeared with 8 tasks, but the penalty time did not allow to go higher than 5th place. I was also pleased with the team at Volgograd State University, which in the last hour passed two tasks and secured a way to the semi-finals.

So, as a result, the following teams will represent our region in the semi-final:

Congratulations to the participants of these teams and wish you a successful performance in St. Petersburg.

Just a few words on the tasks themselves. This year I was very pleased with the set. There were “consoling” tasks, tasks of medium complexity, and several difficult, but very interesting tasks. In addition to the complexity of the task, the topics were well balanced by topics - there were dp and trivial algorithms, graphs, a combination of different sections. The organizers need to pay tribute and thank for the work.

And finally. On Saturday, an online contest was held on the tasks of the Olympiad, according to the results of which two teams solved 10 tasks. The team that took 1st place in the in-person competition turned out to be in 6th place.

For the curious:
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