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Media Center do it yourself (Budget option)

The budget option of turning the TV into an entertainment center.
Would need:
1) Network player (preferably FullHD with network support and uPnP and the presence of direct firmware)
2) Router (You can also switch or hub, the main thing is to connect the computer and the player in one network)
3) Computer (as without it), I did on Win 7
4) Internet (Basically, to replenish the library and a single download software)

As a player, I used IconBit HDS41L - the choice fell on it as a budget model with stable and feature-rich firmware, but any one with uPnP support would do. The first thing to do when buying this type of device is to update the firmware. Trash comes from the factory. We connect to the TV (there is usually no hdmi cable included), we connect to the network.

This is where we need a router. If the router is rarely turned off, you can use DHCP - otherwise it is better to set the network parameters by hand. On the network, as a rule, there is access to the control panel of the player. Also, the network will be required if you want to upload files to the player directly.
Step two: Take the computer and set up the media server. I put this one - www.homemediaserver.ru , but I haven’t studied the market deeply - I am sure that there is an alternative. The advantages of this server are support for many uPnP protocols. I use DLNA 1.0, but there is support for http, DLNA 1.5, d-Link and the Web interface. as a library for organizing films and music. Another plus is transcoding. The function is unclaimed for me, but for some it is useful. Configure the profile, access rules and start the server. Do not forget to put a tick in front of the Web - will help to verify the correctness of the settings and play with the streaming of music. Screenshot here. . Next, add folders and set them to scan for media files. This is how it looks.

It now remains to make friends player and media server. As it turned out, this is not a problem at all. When polling the network, your computer appears in the list and if the protocol is set correctly, the player gets access to it. Next - simple navigation through folders (here, by the way, my evil trait is not to clean up the folders and directories played a cruel joke. The lists also contain not finished torrent files and samples, from which there were more than 500 files in the All Movies category) . Select the file and look. Voila! The player pulls music and video directly from the computer. If there is a great desire, you can put a screw in the player and download files from the computer (just by sharing the folder and jumping a little with a tambourine) or use the built-in Samba server (at this moment my enthusiasm has died away, therefore I can’t give advice)

Enjoy watching!

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