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Scratch and visual programming Arduino

Scratch is an environment for teaching pupils programming.

In this environment, you can create and play with various objects, modify their appearance, move them around the screen, set the forms of interaction between them. This is an object-oriented environment, which is based on the principle of the LEGO designer and in which programs are assembled from multi-colored blocks-bricks of teams in the same way as Lego designers are assembled from multi-colored bricks.

For Scratch, there is a Catenary module (based on Processing and the Firmata protocol) that allows you to use the Scratch visual programming environment to control the Arduino .

Read more about this in the article by Alexander Kazantsev (PDF), which suggests using Arduino and Scratch for teaching programming in school!

Not so long ago, a team of programmers using the kickstarter.com platform raised money to develop a visual programming language for Arduino based on the Scratch language.

The project is called modk.it and allows you to visually write programs for Arduino directly in the browser.

Unfortunately, while you can try only by invitation.



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