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Switching hours to winter time: economy, health or ...?

image October 31, we will re-translate the clock one hour earlier. We are used to it. But let's think about how useful this is?

How it was
Many publications incorrectly attribute the invention of summer time to the famous English builder and outdoor life lover William Willett.

He himself thought about the possibility of introducing "summer time" in 1905 during a trip before breakfast, when he saw London sleeping while the sun had already risen, and noticed how many residents of the city were spilling a considerable part of the summer day. An avid golfer, he also didn’t like to finish the game at dusk.

In 1907, in one of the British newspapers, an article “On the waste of daylight” by William Willett appeared with a proposal to convert the time to 20 minutes ahead every Sunday of April (a total of 80 minutes), and to reverse the switch of arrows in September.
Willet unsuccessfully lobbied his proposal in the UK before his death from the flu in 1915, and the first nation in Europe that used Willeth's idea to save coal during the war (April 30, 1916) was Germany and its allies in World War I. .

Universal implementation
Great Britain, most allies, and many European neutral countries soon followed suit; Russia and several other countries next year, and the United States in 1918. In many countries, similar posters were issued on this topic, which called for patriotic feelings.

Currently, 76 countries use, in one way or another, summer time (of which in 10 countries it is not used in all regions), and 128 countries do not use it.
In the northern hemisphere, summer time is used in the USA, Canada, European countries, throughout Russia. In the southern hemisphere, summer time is used in Australia, New Zealand, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.

Refusal to transfer hours
Japan, China, India, Singapore, as well as the republics of the former USSR refused to introduce summer time: Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan (Turkmenistan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan saved the “decree time”).

From 1996, on the recommendation of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, the summer time period was extended to the last Sunday of October.

In Russia, summer time was first introduced by a decree of the Provisional Government of July 1, 1917. However, in accordance with the Decree of the Council of People's Commissars of the RSFSR of December 22, 1917 (old style) “On the conversion of the clock hand”, on December 27 (old style) of the same year, the clock hands were again transferred back an hour. Apparently, the hands of the clock in the USSR until 1930 were not translated. In 1930, the decree time was introduced, the hands of the clock were transferred 1 hour ahead relative to the standard time.

The transfer of the clock to summer time was introduced from April 1, 1981 by a Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, but already relative to the decree time, so that the total summer time shift in Russia reached 2 hours.

Attempts to cancel the transfer hours
In 2008, Sergey Mironov introduced a bill to abolish the transition to summer time to the State Duma, and the results of research were attached to the document, which showed that switching from one time to another adversely affects the health of Russians.

However, on December 3, 2008, the Duma rejected the bill in the first reading - in part this was due to the lack of sufficient scientific evidence of harm to health. Similar proposals were submitted to the Duma several times before, for example, in 2003, but they were always rejected.
In November 2009, a deputy from the United Russia faction Vasily Zakharyaschev again introduced a bill to the State Duma called “On the Transition of the Russian Federation to the Standard Time”.

The bill was introduced the next day after, speaking to the Federal Assembly, Dmitry Medvedev, expressed doubts about the effectiveness of the transition to winter and summer time. In his opinion, it is necessary to compare the benefits of this transition and the obvious inconvenience.

About the dangers and benefits
Studies show that in the transition to a new time, young children and the elderly have stress reactions, disturbed sleep patterns, cardiovascular and immune system activity, and metabolic processes.

After switching to summer time, the number of calls for emergency medical care for exacerbations of cardiovascular diseases increases by 7%. The switch of arrows deprives people of the morning phases of sleep, leads to chronic sleep deprivation and, as a result, leads to a general increase in mortality. In 2000, a number of Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian physicians suggested abandoning the practice of switching to summer time.

In addition, cardiology data indicate special problems in hypertensive patients during this period. Opponents of the transfer of arrows are also people who take medicines exactly on time. For example, patients with diabetes.

Many scientists believe that changing time is against nature. Without consequences, this procedure does not pass. According to American researchers, the number of deaths from accidents in the United States increases by 6% in the first time after the clock hands are transferred, and injuries with disability increase by 7%.

Physiologists estimate the transition to summer time as an ecological shock. They believe that normal sleep can only occur when it coincides with the local lap time, otherwise it is disturbed.

For residents of Ukraine, for example, the zone (winter) time practically coincides with the present local time (there are minor deviations in the extreme east and west of the country). The conclusion suggests itself - for the Ukrainians it is better not to introduce summer time.

Doctors from the Interregional Association "Siberian Agreement" investigated the effects of the spring shift of arrows in nineteen subjects - in the Krasnoyarsk, Altai Territories, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Tomsk and Omsk regions, the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" informs.

It turned out that in the first five days after the “transfer of hours”, the calls of the “Ambulance” increase by 12%, suicides grow by 66%, die of heart attacks by 75% more. The number of accidents increases by about a third. And only by the end of the third week after the shift of hands, an hour earlier, the indicators return to the original.

In addition, manipulations with arrows increase the overall mortality rate by 74 thousand people per year, which is twice as much as the number of deaths in car accidents.

Saving electricity is the main argument of supporters of entering summer time. But this argument was relevant a few decades ago, when people's privacy was less related to electricity than their work activity. Today, energy companies do not see much difference in energy consumption in summer and winter.

Due to the fact that in the spring the hands of the clock going in zone time are being moved forward by an hour and put back in the fall, the country as a whole saves 1% of electricity - several billion kilowatt-hours. This became known as a result of research conducted in the 1970s.

However, the data collected over the past few years show that the transfer of hours is most beneficial to pharmacists. During this period, the peak of sales of medicines was recorded in Russia.

This morning, my baby, as usual, woke up at 8-30 am. Probably, this is the only thing I could not get used to - my biological alarm clock gives a voice at 9-00. This habit, which has already taken root in recent years.

Today I thought: “What will happen next?”. A seven-month-old child cannot be explained that someone out there decided to turn the hands of the clock. In fact, it turns out that the child will begin to wake up at 7-30 am ... Lord, save us with my wife.

Maybe I wind myself up, and we’ll get used to how we’ve gotten used to everything that happened before. But sometimes you just want to live so much and not think that at least in the matter of time someone is annoying you.

Alternative look
Everything is good, but there is one BUT - an alternative look at existing events. I cite an excerpt from the book of Viktor Suvorov (Rezun) "Choice":
- It's simple. Do I have to walk in the front parade, in boxes of two hundred people? Is it necessary in war to tear legs above the belt, do you need not to bend your knees and delay the socks? Do I need to stick out the chest with the wheel and chin up the nose above the nose? Why are we doing all this nonsense? And the point is to force thousands of people to act simultaneously and monotonously, obeying orders, and not common sense.
- You can't argue with that.
- That's all. It is necessary to transfer such exercises to hundreds of millions of people.
- To force civilians to walk the line?
- Of course not. I'm talking about the content, not about the form. The main thing is that the exercises were stupid and that hundreds of millions of people act simultaneously. It is necessary to make them regularly do stupid things ... You can force the entire population of the Earth twice a year to translate the clock hands.
- What is it to motivate?
- Announce that energy is saved in this way.
- But she is not saved?
- Of course not.
- ... Do you think that there will be no benefit from the translation of the arrows?
- It will be harmful. Great harm.
- And no one will object?
- The crowd is not capable of thinking. The crowd will take it for granted and will create problems for itself. As soon as we introduce dozens of such stupid exercises for the population of the Earth, and all obediently obey, we will own the world.

What do you think?

Based on materials: www.infopotok.ru , www.mikolka.info , www.genon.ru , www.primavista.ru , www.ru.wikipedia.org and their personal observations.

Thanks vadimus for helping me when writing my first topic.

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