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Donate simulation in online game

By writing this topic I pushed the experiment conducted on Habré. He reminded me that I simulated various sales schemes in a single online game. In this case, we will discuss the donite scheme, which causes considerable holivars.

As part of the experiment tablets were distributed. In the game, these pills are not a vital thing, but they make you feel more comfortable. Those. easily accessible commodity of mass consumption. One tablet costs one (indivisible unit of money) a coin, wholesale is cheaper (1 coin = 3-4 tablets).

The results of the experiment you see on the chart. During the experiment, 100 tablets were distributed, according to the rule 1 tablet in one hand per day. Tablets were distributed through a similar appeal: “Free distribution of tablets. Stop the virus, if you can support the project. ”Those who thanked him were not only those who gave money, but also those who said“ thank you ”or otherwise expressed their appreciation.

Paid out of 100 people only 11: 8 with money and 3 game elements. The market value of those who paid in money, also paid only 3, the remaining 5 paid the amount much more than the market value of the tablets. By the end of the experiment I had 37 coins.
For myself, I concluded that with proper work with the audience, you can achieve good results on the donated scheme, and you should not be afraid to do something for free at all: the probability that you will not be paid for your work is not so high. Maybe you will earn not so much, how much you would get by discussing the price initially, but the number of orders will be more.

The most interesting thing for me was that almost half of the citizens, having received something free of charge and without any obligations, did not even bother to say “thank you”.

“Be mutually polite and attentive to each other!” © St. Petersburg Metropolitan

UPD: Here, many have decided that I am a game developer. This is not so, I am a banal player, I don’t get real money for it. I have nothing in common with creators or owners. Game currency is a game currency, is mined during the game (although it is possible to turn real rubles into it, it is impossible to return it). The game MMORPG, the genre of post-apocalypse, thousands of active players.
UPD 1: Found the analogue of the "pills" in the real world - condoms. They are inexpensive, accessible, they also save from viruses.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106770/

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