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Apple Developers Community Spb

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On November 12, from 19.00 to 21:00 , the first meeting of the ADC Spb community will take place in St. Petersburg.
The goal of our community is the development of those who are already developing iPhone applications and attracting new developers. To implement it, we collect monthly developer meetings, mainly aimed at gaining practical knowledge.

Venue: Business Incubator "Ingria"
Address: St. Petersburg, Obukhovskoy Defense Ave., 70, building 2

At the first meeting, presentations will be:
After the presentations by the speakers, you will be able to learn from their experience by asking you questions in an informal setting.
The list of speakers is specified and, if you wish, you can contact us and make a presentation.
Register and come. And for those who can not come will be an online broadcast !

And under the cut I will talk a little about the reports and speakers.

Eldar Markov (e-Legion)

The developer of the company "e-Legion". Engaged in development for iOS. Develops iPhone applications since 2008.
A small plan of his report:

Denis Margolin (DataArt)

He accomplished the evolution quite typical of a domestic IT specialist, from a programmer to a department manager. Since 2005 he has been working in DataArt, since 2006, and is currently in charge of everything related to mobile developments in the company.

Denis will talk about internal transformations at Apple and how it affected the market for mobile devices and applications.
A small plan of his report:

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