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Payment system in Russian or is it worth to trust your money Z-payment

Many of you know the system for receiving payments Z-payment. They still position themselves as a payment system with the currency ZP.

On October 19, without any warnings, the system went on to “update and configure software”, which lasted for 3 days (until October 22) after which they asked to change their passwords.
And if they did not break them?

And this is not the first case.

More recently, to be exact - on May 11, the system also suddenly stopped working. When entering the site hung the standard Apache pages "403 Forbidden" . And that's all. No more information, they did not even bother to post a stub to the site. After 3 days, the system came to life, and it was urgently necessary to change account passwords and payment passwords. Without this, they were not allowed to do anything.

And this time everything repeats - they ask you to replace the passwords, after logging in to your account, you are redirected to the page with a password change, but bad luck - the browser reports that "the server redirects the request to this address in such a way that it will never end . " Those. in fact, nothing can be done inside the account. ( upd: fixed by sunday evening)

And with this mistake, they calmly rest the weekend, and judging by the fact that it is already more than a day - at the weekend no one follows the system at all. In fact, it turns out that the service does not work from the 19th.

The question arises - is it worth trusting your money to a system that has not fully worked for 5 days now? And in which after the "software update" you need to urgently change passwords. And this is not the first time in the last six months! Think about it.

The second question is the attitude of the system to its users. Actually, I assume that when carrying out some work, you need to notify your users about it. Moreover, it is not just a payment system (as they position themselves), but also a service for receiving payments, which is used on various websites. Shops through them take money. And Z-payment allows itself to disconnect the system for 3 days without warning (actually more - the service still does not work).

But, undoubtedly, there is progress - in May they had “403 Forbidden” on their website for three days and nobody knew what had happened and whether it would work further. Now they hung a stub with information. But the fact remains. Even if this is an emergency situation - no one bothers to notify her through the newsletter, so that users and stores even know about it and do not plan any affairs related to Z-payment. And now most of the shops found out about it from their users.

Some users on the forums write that Z-payment was broken both in May and now (the argument - otherwise why do I need to change passwords urgently). They advise you to withdraw money (and you cannot withdraw them at this time - because the service does not work after logging in to your account). I do not presume to assert the truth or not. Z-payment employees say no (and who would say that “yes, we were harassed”) .

I personally worked with Z-payment as a store. I don't plan for a second anymore. In this regard, the question is whether someone from the respected community will provide a similar service. Interested in accepting offline payments (bank, mail, etc.). For e-currency is Robokassa (although also not a gift).

UPD. On Sunday, in the late afternoon, the service finally worked in full, i.e. infinite redirect to change the password is no more. Now, finally, the password can be changed and display all the money. Total simple from October 19 to October 24. No warnings before, no regrets after. This is how the Z-payment service works. Think at your leisure (those who use it) what can expect you tomorrow.

UPD2: If this post is read by Z-payment employees, then tell your superiors that you need to think about your users first. And to warn them about the long shutdown in advance by letter. And after turning on the system, you need to finish everything and only after that go to rest. You are, after all, a payment system, and not some left-wing portlet. Maybe this post on Habré will stimulate you, and you ignore the usual treatment.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106759/

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