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Nano: And yet he will have to learn [3]

We finish. Previous parts: [ 1 ], [ 2 ]. Memorization combinations: undo / redo, search / replace.
Screenshot Scribus with help on nano
At the end of the topic is a link to a PDF with a generalized cheat sheet and its source (see the screenshot of the editor).

Undoing actions by default does not work and requires the launch of the editor with the option “undo support” (yes, nano doesn’t support undo by default). Command line key -u.

nano -u sometext.
After that, the commands start working:

Alt-U - undo
Alt-E - redo.

Note that in the help (Ctrl-G) it also appears only if you run nano with the option -u.

If nano is started without -u, then the only form of undo is to cancel Ctrl-K cut lines by inserting them back - Ctrl-U .

With the search a little better.

search - Ctrl-W Although regexp support is claimed, I was not able to achieve it, so the search is just a substring.
Re-search (without the appearance of a dialogue) - Alt-W
Replacing Ctrl-\
There is no re-replacement, because when replacing, a “yes / no, cancellation, all” request is displayed.

Multi-buffering (the ability to have multiple open files).

Enabled by the Alt-F command. After that, the Alt-< and Alt-> buttons (or without the shift: Alt-., Alt-, (alt point, alt comma)) work.

Last feature: the ability to enter text by code: Esc 255 - inserts the specified decimal code (255), and for entering lower ASCII codes you can use the Alt-V key combination, for example, Alt-V Ctrl-Z.

Perhaps, on this editor can be considered mastered, the rest of his features (changing the indent for a paragraph, alignment for a paragraph, etc.) are no longer needed for comfortable work in an emergency.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106748/

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