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RIW 2010: four interviews and quotes

Took on RIW 2010 several interviews, fragments of which will be included in the review video on Nomobile.ru. And here, on Habré, I decided to post the full versions. Since the report will be devoted exclusively to the activities of technological brands in social networks, he interviewed representatives of companies considered to be the best in social networks: HTC, Samsung, Panasonic. And from Plugotarenko, who outlined the general motion vector of the event

Sergey Plugotarenko, Executive Director of the Regional Public Center for Internet Technologies : Offline business comes to RIW, already realizing that they are not talking to crazy programmers to communicate ... those who do not slow down.

Anna Karaulova, HTC's PR and Marketing Manager : We were very lucky with the agency that leads our social activities online - this is Grape.

Marat Rakayev, Samsung spokesperson : Many companies still consider social networks as a place for project work, and not for the permanent presence of the brand. Found nothing new.

Nikolay Belousov, head of Internet marketing at Panasonic : The problem remains: no one has learned to measure the effectiveness of projects, and this year there are no bright cases and controversies. I have not learned anything new.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106747/

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