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A new HTML5 video widget from Adobe can be quite interesting.

“I would not say that we are doing this because of the particular craving for HTML5. We just see what people use for self-realization. Therefore, we decided to make a toolkit for HTML5. Make the best tool in the world. ”

- Adobe Workshop Kevin Lynch , Summit Web 2.0 , May 2010.

Adobe, which was under the gun of endless criticism about Flash from Apple, today announced its decision to join the HTML5 community. This is especially true on the eve of the new MacBook Air, initially not a friendly flash .

In addition to Flash, Adobe is planning to create a widget that will allow you to create videos using the HTML5 Kaltura media library , which would allow browsers that do not support HTML5 to return to Flash.
From the Adobe blog :

“The limited compatibility of some browsers with HTML5 made web designers go for half-measures that would allow displaying the page correctly on different platforms.

To help customers overcome this problem, Adobe has released an easy-to-use solution that is fully customizable via CSS, which allows you to seamlessly switch from HTML5 to Flash when the tag is not supported. The transition happens regardless of the type of screen, whether it is a phone, a monitor or a TV.

The widget is available in two ways: either through the Adobe Widget Browser , if you have Adobe Air installed, or through Dreamweaver in “Customizing Widgets”.

It seems that using this step, Adobe makes an attempt to sit at the same time on two chairs. Still, the company wants to occupy a niche in the field of web video, as well as to avoid the ongoing attacks on Flash-technology from Apple.

via techcrunch.com

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