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Habrainformer from Yandex

Furrowing pages Yandex came across a habreanformer for a fox. Based on the screenshot, the user kukutz , administering Yandex, is involved in it. The author is a raider .


The “Habrainformer” button shows your karma, rating and position on the website habrahabr.ru, allows you to go to your personal page, as well as sections of posts, blogs, people, companies, work. In the settings button, enter your username on the site habrahabr.ru. You can place several “Habrainformer” buttons on the panel and receive information about different users.

The update date of the extension is October 23, the number of downloads already exceeds 2,400. It is strange that there is not a word about the extension on the program itself. ndex wanted to make us a surprise?


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106734/

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