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Negotiations on unlocking access to Google TV

According to insider information, Google is actively negotiating with three television networks that have blocked access to their sites for users of Google TV, a service launched in the US this month.

Three of the largest broadcasters (ABC, NBC and CBS) blocked the web versions of their shows for owners of Google TV consoles, thereby casting a shadow on Google’s bright dream of switching from desktops to televisions in living rooms.

Representatives of Walt Disney Co and NBS Universal confirmed on Thursday that the companies blocked access for Google Visualizers. Disney owns the ABC network and the ESPN cable business channel. Fox News Corp also does not exclude the possibility of a similar step.

The service is based on consoles from Sony Corp and Logitech International and, of course, provides new opportunities for advertising from Google, which is the main source of income for the giant.
But Google’s plans seriously threaten the stability of the television business, which the broadcasters so clearly realized. Google gets just a huge advertising platform, biting off some of the income from TV companies. The first blocked site was the Internet video service Hulu, and then everything went on the slope.

Some companies are trying to put pressure on the corporation of good, so Disney requires google.com to filter the results of the issue on the subject of pirated content, if it concerns Disney products, and there are not cartoons about Mickey, but all sorts of “Desperate Housewives”. As the insider says, Google's answer did not suit Disney.

And although Google says that their development is optimized only for certain sites with licensed content, broadcasters do not really believe them.

On the software for Google TV, the corporation does not intend to earn money, however, advertising should have paid off in full. The corporation is currently negotiating with the media barner Madison Avenue so that it can offer such a scheme for the sale of Google ads, so that it does not conflict with television advertising.

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