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ReactOS 0.3.12 Details

The ReactOS team is proud to present the release of ReactOS version 0.3.12.

This release cost the team a lot of effort, not only because it includes a huge amount of changes and improvements, but also due to significant progress in the system architecture, stability and bringing more modern features of the NT kernel into ReactOS.

Almost a year has passed since the last issue. And, although this, of course, a considerable period of time, the time spent was necessary for the stabilization of the OS due to the nature of the work done. Which, at the beginning, was focused on one single field - the trap handler mechanism - which ultimately resulted in its complete rewriting. This step made even greater changes necessary, developed in the processing of many other areas, the development of new technologies and their implementation in the core. What together allowed us to get a much more modern kernel, containing much less code than the previous one. In turn, this required a long phase of testing in order to achieve a level of stability and compatibility higher than in the previous implementation.

In the process of preparing this release, 259 errors were corrected, including 61 regressions, some of which originated back in ReactOS 0.3.7. Ten of the corrected errors were registered more than three years ago; The oldest bug fix is ​​# 969, which was discovered five years ago.

The list of the most significant changes:

The list of changes for version 0.3.12 is fundamentally different from the lists of changes from previous releases in that the main emphasis was placed on an understandable and concise statement of the main changes in the release. So instead of duplicating this list here, we invite you to review it and find out what has been achieved.
Despite the fact that the ReactOS team attended many public events and conferences in various parts of the world, we practically did not publish news, which could seem a period of calm, or even stagnation. We hope that this release will show you that all this time we have worked as never before.

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