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The leaders of Tvzavr.ru, Zoomby.ru and Tvigle.ru urged search engines to stop indexing sites with illegal content.

And also enter a mandatory confirmation of the legality of the content when placing advertising.

The leaders of the video portals Tvzavr.ru, Zoomby.ru and Tvigle.ru Alexander Belenov, Victor Pinchuk and Egor Yakovlev in their appeal to the largest Internet companies of the Russian Internet write:
In RuNet, the video content market is actively developing. It is necessary that this process should proceed in accordance with the norms and customs of international and national law, including in the field of copyright protection.


Great logic! Only, finally, the so-called. “Right holders” under the pressure of “pirates” realized the need to create affordable, convenient and cheap services, as they immediately suggest strangling competitors that they are “prevented” from creating these services.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106714/

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