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Historical photos on Google Street View

Want to go back in time and see what your hometown streets looked like a hundred years ago? To do this, the same Google Street View will suit, from which historians have made a real time machine. Take in hand a smartphone with GPS - and go on a tour.

We are talking about a unique project SepiaTown - a collection of historical photographs that are painstakingly tied to the terrain and superimposed on Google Maps. The source of the photos are the archives of various museums. In particular, the pictures of Moscow are taken from the New York Public Library.

For example, here is the Upper City Series (view from Nikolskaya from the Historical Museum, 1886).

Walking through the streets with a GPS-navigator and Google Maps, you will immediately see the place from which the picture was taken.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), ordinary users do not have the right to supplement the SepiaTown collection. In order to keep the historical purity, specially registered and verified experts are engaged in it. Since the project is non-commercial and free, the "experts" are recruited from among volunteers. But if you have rare historical photos in the private archive, you can donate them for the project (and they will link to you as a patron).

The development of this interesting resource can be monitored through the developers blog . They sometimes publish there very beautiful pictures from among the new arrivals.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106712/

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