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GeekDad appreciated features of a search engine for children

Following the recognition of Quintura Kids as a “must have” application for younger students, Chris Hinton (Chris Hinton) in the GeekDad section of the famous Wired.com published a review of “ GeekDad tries Quintura's explorative search ”. Next translation:

Search engines have been around for years, and something special needs to be done to make them new again. Quintura offered an interesting approach to the search, when the search engine offers a set of interrelated words and phrases for the input initial query that can be added to the query for clarification.

Quintura recently released the Quintura Kids ( Quintura Kids ) application for iPhone and Ipad, where the same web search interface is already used for specially selected sites for children's topics that exclude any danger to young minds.

Quintura Children is designed for children from 6-10 years old, who can already read independently. I suppose this is due to the fact that the Internet basically operates with textual content, but I cannot say how this agrees with the statement "visuality" of Quintura Children search. Nevertheless, children who are prone to learning everything new have a completely visual approach to searching.

For example, if you enter the query "cats", a set of clarifying words will appear on the hint map, one of which is the word "pictures". Add it with one click, and you will get a lot of varieties (for example, I have never heard of “Abyssinians” before), as well as search results pages that reveal the entered query.

The safe index well avoids all doubtful network resources, although there is a drawback here: when manually selecting sites, the index is quite narrow. For example, I was looking for "Formula 1" - it is quite expected that the young man may be interested in auto racing - and I did not get any results. Although here is the “NASCAR” in the index. Perhaps the index compilers are more fans of nascar than Formula 1 racing.

I was also a little surprised at how grown-up Quintura Kids looked. Since my own children are still quite small, I know that there are not so many ways to attract the attention of young children - they can only show large and bright pictures. Even my 6-year-old child would prefer a more colorful environment.

However, the Quintura search idea is pretty good - you type in a general search query and then gradually refine it. And in conjunction with the iPhone interface, the Quintura Kids application in my opinion works very well. At least, as far as I was watching the app, it never gave out any dubious results. The only thing returned is a bit limited. But I hope that as the search index is replenished, the choice of results will become richer.

Well, you should be honest with your applications and their users and recognize that Quintura Kids (and its Russian counterpart) really lacks colorful pictures, such as Quintura offers for Kids . In the next versions of the application, pictures, animations and other “cakes” that children love so much will gradually appear. But in general, you see, a good search result is required from a child’s search engine first, so that parents can be confident and calm about the children.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106705/

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