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Business increasingly trusts the clouds or how the Three Hardships of Modern Task Managers are resolved at MTH

Seeing on Habré topic
Three troubles of modern task managers , could not resist and want to tell how these problems are solved in the MTX.

Under the cut briefly how the DBMS in the cloud can replace the task manager and not only.

MyTaskHelper - a DBMS in the cloud that solves tasks of task managers

The name of the system suggests that it was created as a bug tracker. About three years ago, she looked like a basecamp or asembla,
but there was not enough flexibility in many things, starting with the forms for adding tasks and ending with 3 problems of task managers.
We came to what we have now and are satisfied.
Plus, learned to do a lot more :)
But the name remains, unfortunate for the current system, but we can not think of anything better.

To organize your bug tracker in MTX, you need to create a project, a form, add the necessary fields (deadlines, task description, status, etc.) and set up email notifications. Nothing more is needed. You get a link to the form and the base with the tasks.

The user fills out your form with the task and you are working on it, or vice versa.

The person to whom you set the task is not required to register in the system (he is just a web user filling out the form) .
When he changes the status of the task and reports on its completion, you will be notified by email.

In order to change the status of a task, he just needs to edit her status. The user will receive a link to the task immediately after filling out the form. To do this, do not forget to enable the "Allow users to update added entries" option.

In order to timely learn about the status change, enable the “Receive messages by mail when updating a record in the database” option.

A few words about MTX - DBMS in the cloud

A cloud in MTX is a load distribution and data storage in a secure storage. These are speed, convenience, weak typing, fault tolerance, unlimited amount of data, unified access interface to records. You can also automatically build forms for tables and more.

Data is stored in a RackSpace cloud .

In more detail the MTX system is described here .

Those who still doubt that
The growth of the SaaS market is ahead of the growth of offline applications, and business will increasingly trust the clouds to read with interest: “12% of US companies are already using some kind of large SaaS service, another 27% plan to switch to SaaS in the next two years. Moreover, growth occurs exponentially. If you reason: once 50% or more trust SaaS, then I can - this is a delusion. you fall behind and lash at the tail. It is important to understand what will give you the transition to SaaS, what advantages you will get, how much you will save on depreciation, employees, time. The main misconception that SaaS and clouds are unsafe is a myth. They are safer than installing and configuring CRM \ ERP by outsourcing companies. ”
This interesting quote belongs to the nateless habraiser .

Service address - http://MyTaskHelper.ru

Update: Belatedly, but showing screenshots and a working link. Thanks for the hint about the need for pictures. For us, they are obvious, but most people do not want to register. By the way, this is not necessarily done, you can log in using the username and password test.

Below are links to screenshots with explanations.

1. To-do list

2. Separate task

3. Security Settings

4. Email notification settings

5. The form for adding a task - you can try and add us a task :)

Also, a very important point - view. We call them widgets.
The point is that the database is searched, for example: find all the unfulfilled tasks of Andrey, find the completed tasks of Natasha. The search result is saved and later used during the work. A bookmark is made and at any time in one click you can see what each member of the team is working on.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106704/

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