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Opening an affiliate program

Dear habrchane. Many people are familiar with the Kiev- based startup Worksection.com (Russian-language project management system) from Egor Gilev from turbomilk.ru . Also on Habré we wrote about us several times in various reviews of startups.

And now the “meat” - in connection with the opening of the affiliate program, we are ready to deduct 10% from each payment of the attracted client.

We love our startup and invest our soul, time and money in it. And our customers are always happy to recommend us to their friends and colleagues. And now we are ready to pay for the recommendation of the Worksection:

So, our proposal:
Do you like Worksection and recommend it to your friends and colleagues? Receive 10% from EVERY payment of each client you attract.
How to recommend?
1. You can recommend in two clicks - through social networks (Facebook, VKontakte, Twitter).
2. By posting a direct link (for example, in blog comments)
3. By placing a banner or link on your blog or website. Beautiful banners for placement we provide.

How long is it to register?
Registration in the affiliate network - the maximum is simple, and if you already have a Facebook or Twitter account or Workection - then generally two clicks.

How to withdraw money?
No problem - webmoney, yandex-dengi, moneybookers. Also, if you already have a worksection account you can withdraw money to it with a bonus of + 20%.

For more information, read and register here worksection.com/partnership.html

There will be questions - I will be glad to answer.

PS Finally, we started a corporate blog on Habré and added as a “company”.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106696/

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