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Ukraine - registration of the phone purchased in the online store in the IMEI database

Bought in the fall of the Chinese communicator. Received.
How decent he decided to go through the procedure of entering the number into the database, so that he would not strain himself from the threats of switching off the "gray" tubes.

Prepared all the documents, sent together with the original packaging (envelope with pimples). A few weeks later I received a reply letter with the following reply (translation, within the meaning):
The code can not be entered into the database, because the documents were provided in which the specified product is not a mobile phone.

In a light fucking call their number center with a legitimate question. And it turns out that the description of the goods on the customs declaration CN22 (which is pasted on the envelope) “Gift Electronics 1 piece” is not suitable for registration. Those. that there should be explicitly stated that this is a mobile phone.

Morality - if you buy a telephone / communicator in Ukraine in a foreign Internet shop or at an auction, demand that the description state directly that this is a mobile phone. At least, only in this case it will be possible to register it by a legal procedure.
Shl. The young lady in the county center took my name and the number of the letter, promising that she would clarify what can be done. In a few days I will call you back and ask.

UPD. Yes, I saw the news that it wouldn’t be like the NCRC to disable the “gray ones”, because it cannot. But during the week there was another, less noticeable news that this information does not correspond to reality and will be turned off.
Quickly found proof links: one , two, and the original on the NCRC website.

They can or cannot - hell knows them, but once again they don’t want to twitch on every such news.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106695/

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