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About Toshiba in Moscow

Last year I bought an inexpensive Toshiba cam from the Camileo line. The camera was needed to shoot one event on a sunny day, successfully coped with this task, later lay at home and only occasionally used. Almost before the end of the warranty period, it stopped charging. “It's okay, everything happens!” - I thought and chose the nearest service center on my website toshiba.ru.

The choice fell on the “ CPS - Technical Center ” on Shelepihinskaya Embankment, 18. There they informed me that it was necessary to bring the camera in a complete set, since Camileo did not repair it, but immediately replaced it with a new one. So I had to return to the service again. On August 4, the camera was accepted, a receipt was issued with the indicated deadline for the “repair”: September 18 is the maximum 45 days allotted by the law for repair. They promised to notify by SMS-message about the completion of work. Also, a login / password was found on the receipt in order to monitor the progress of the repair through the site.

So, 45 days have passed.
To be honest, this was surprising - after all, I was told in plain text about replacing the device. Call to the service center. The operator reports that Toshiba has not delivered, “we are waiting for it just like you” and “there are a lot of people like you, everyone is waiting.” Needless to say, such justifications for delays are illegal, especially considering the fact that there is a deadline for repairs in the receipt. And after all, it turns out to be fun, the SC blames the hardware manufacturer who sent me to this SC. They promised to solve the issue in the week.

A week has passed. When you call the service center history repeats. I called the Toshiba hotline (designated as “Laptops and television equipment”) - +7 (495) 983-05-05 - during the conversation it turns out that they can only answer questions about laptops. They offer to personally contact the main office of Toshiba. To the question whether it is possible to get some contact phone number or e-mail answer that the phone is not there. I see the central office from the window, but I doubt very much that they are waiting for me there. The letter sent to hotline@toshiba.ru remained simply ignored.

It turns out that in my case there is no place to call and write, despite the abundance of numbers and electronic mailboxes. I remember the Toshiba blog on Habré , I write a personal message to the author of the blog with a request to provide at least some contacts, in a week I get an answer from "I hope we can help you." Apparently still could not.

I call the service center again, expressing my discontent again. It is proposed to replace it with a newer model from the line before the end of the week (“the old model is no longer in stock, but this one is available”) Needless to say, at the end of the week I was not surprised by the lack of alerts. At the same time, the login name stopped working to check my receipt on the site.

Already at the beginning of this week I call the SC again - again I hear the same story, about “the lack of supplies from Toshiba”. To the question why I can no longer monitor the status of the receipt, they say that the repair lasts too long and such receipts are deleted automatically. Again the promise of the "end of the week." I called today (Friday) - a standard excuse.

Total: the camera is 80 days in repair, there is a verbal agreement on the exchange for a new model, the service center blames Toshiba.
In principle, all three points should not worry me as a consumer. But, since there is such information, you probably need to express indignation that Toshiba cannot find a replacement camera for almost three months within Moscow.

In parallel, I found feedback on the work of this service center - tyts .

I will stay for a second as Captain Obvious and say that when such companies, starting up blogs, meeting with the audience, creating the appearance of socially active brands, completely forgetting about their users, this is frustrating. It turns out that I, as a buyer, was only interesting until the time of purchase. Keeping my loyalty doesn’t seem to interest Toshiba. And I, frankly, glad that I got this experience with an inexpensive camera, which was bought just for the sake of several shots. Probably, this very moment stops me from excessive irritation and the desire to run around the courts. But now I know for sure what you need to be ready for when buying, say, a laptop or some Toshiba home appliances, which repair times are much more critical.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106689/

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