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What can Mac App Store create for users and developers?

The idea to collect all applications for Mac OS X in one place for an ordinary user is only positive. Judge for yourself: excellent quality, due to the rules of adding an application to the App Store, easy and simple purchase, one click and everything is ready, well, and where to go from using the application on several machines.
In addition, when the Mac App Store becomes the default Lion application, this will be, in my opinion, the only way to install applications.
The downsides are that an application purchased for a fabulous amount of American money may simply not be suitable for one reason or another and you cannot return it to the store and there are no demo versions, of course.
Developers are depressed if their condition can be called that very word. The terms of the application hit the Mac App Store is quite tough. Most of the current applications installed on my Mac will not pass the strength test. Among other things, the cost of applications is very acute, many of which can be paid using PayPal or, in extreme cases, pay 10% of the cost of an application to an intermediary store.
Moreover, in my opinion, this service will not have competitors; all current stores will die under the influence of the Mac App Store. And Mac developers will have to put up with it.
In theory, Jobs has deprived all the problems of application developers, with the exception of the development itself, the entire product development cycle Apple undertakes. Product promotion now loses any meaning, because 30% spent on advertising will go completely in the wrong direction and the profitability of third-party marketing will immediately fall.
There is a way out of this situation, and this is application user support. You can easily make Apple want to see your app in the Apple Store thanks to Customer Care. Within a month, YellowMediaGroup provides a free service to support users of the first 10 application developers who got into the Mac App Store.
Customer care is one of the few methods that will remain in the arsenal of developers. YMG offers outsourcing solutions specifically for Mas developers first in the world. To use such a solution as “phone support” is a risk and it is not clear to many - why should it be necessary? Practice has shown that even in the most understandable applications, many questions arise ... In addition, more than a third of calls are presale calls from a user who is only going to buy a product and makes a decision.
Therefore, for those who are going to start developing today for the Mac Apps Store, YellowMediaGroup is ready to make system integration and production free of charge (with a toll-free number in the USA), as well as the first month of service as a gift.
Are you interested, incomprehensible or tedious? +1 888 959 3556 (we speak Russian) and, perhaps, there will be less doubt. After all, we want to help you.
YMG deals with telephone outsourcing and email support for Independent Mac Developers. Our experience shows that such an advantage as a “toll-free support phone” for an application is a very important argument.
Hurry up, 90 days of waiting and we will see Jobs’s creation alive.


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