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Bada is looking for talents: Ukraine

Currently, the first stage of the competition for Ukrainian programmers Samsung bada Developer Challenge Ukraine is underway - participants are being registered, which is extended until November 1. Everyone who passes the registration will be able to apply their programming skills in the struggle for the impressive prize fund of the competition - $ 70,000. We will learn the names of the lucky winners of the first stage of the competition on November 15. More information can be found here .

Samsung Bada Developer Challenge Ukraine lasts from June 22 to December 24, 2010 and includes 2 main stages:

Registration of participants: June 22 - November 1 .
Stage 1 - development of an application on the emulator (from June 22 to November 1)
App evaluation - from November 1 to November 14
Announcement of the winners of the 1st stage - November 15
Stage 2 - porting the application to a mobile phone from bada (from November 15 to December 15)
App evaluation - from 16 to 23 December
Winners Announced - December 24

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106676/

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