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My experience of 4 sales in the online store

I spent various sales. These were both warehouse stocks, which had to be quickly sold, and the sale of popular items with a sly markup. And then I tried a total sale to replenish the current ones and to stir up the activity a bit: the last week and a half had a decent lull (except for some days). There were 4 sales, there were successes, there were failures. I will tell about how I spent, what I did, what mistakes and results.

Focus №1
I spent the first sale in Elitparfum in 2008, I designed it in a project blog , because The site at the time did not allow the functionality and hung ads on the site. The result was cool, even the positions that were dead weight left very quickly. Naturally, after that time the sales were repeated. The results were good.

He put a low mark-up on the balances in order to simply sell them, some almost at cost. Later, when sales began to have the character not only to “sell all the remnants”, I made a certain discount and we earned something.

For myself, then made one important point, if you do a sale - it is necessary that there were many positions. Description of the goods that were present in the first sale I wrote myself, from the knowledge of smells. I do not know whether it worked or not. I was already able to make sure of the effectiveness of such descriptions quite recently.

Now it would be the only thing I corrected in that sale - added photos. Required. Then maybe too lazy, I do not remember)

Focus number 2

For a while, there were no sales. In the fall of 2008, it was no longer up to that. For a long time it was not before, there were for various reasons. I started experimenting with sales in the middle of summer.

No season, it is necessary to raise sales. I created a separate page , on which besides perfume, prices, the slogan of the sale and the Grasse logo itself was nothing. Guided so as not to distract customers from the most important thing at that time - excellent prices for perfumery.

The product was selected according to the season. Fresh, everyday smells. I tried to make sure that the flavors do not compete with each other, described their brief characteristics. The emphasis in the descriptions was that the goods were bought as a gift. I considered that the image that marketers came up with for fragrances would be the most suitable for advertising some water. Therefore, advertising posters were selected as photos.

Slogan also picked up so that interested. I offered delivery essence-per-day, great prices. And called "order right now." The calculation was for people to order a call.

At first, I deliberately inflated prices, and then made a decent discount. Otherwise, I think the desired effect was not. Who are interested in sales with ridiculous discounts.

Perfumes purchased at the warehouse. Put the context on this page, the keywords were first the names of the goods. Then, when the result of the sale didn’t suit me, I added “buy perfumes,” a perfume shop, and a couple of HF words.


I do not presume to speak because of what the sale did not go. More precisely, she then went, something bought up perfectly and still asked, something stood. "Did not go" - the desired results were not achieved. I planned to sell as quickly as possible. But some, popular !!! positions have never been bought. The context did not justify itself, the refusal rate in Google Counts is 91%, Yandex.direct 88%. According to HF, the bounce rate fluctuated around 100%. The newsletter on the customer base then did not. But customers were interested, I definitely found out by feedback. Conversion conversion from sale.grasse.com.ua to the main site was 0.5%

I decided what to do otherwise.

Focus number 3

More successful attempt to sell. A more competent approach to its implementation, but also had its own mistakes and shortcomings. Looked like the last sale, you can look here .

What I fixed:
  1. Photos of only bottles without boxes, and not at all advertising posters. People remember perfumery mainly in bottles, respectively, for better recognition it is better to use bottles.
  2. I used context statistics to find out the most requested flavors. Not the ones that they buy from me best (they buy it anyway), but the ones that people look for more often, but for some reason they don’t buy from me. And then the traffic from the context will be more.
  3. I did not use HF in context, I will not talk about ads. I don’t try to make them very attractive lately. Maybe the CTR is changing, but the conversion is just as low. By the way the CTR is at 10%.
  4. Made a mailing list on the customer base.
  5. Changed the text "order right now by ..." for a less aggressive "order by ..."
  6. Purchased less goods, but watched the remnants of the supplier.
  7. An anchor was set on each line of goods, and in contextual ads, when clicked, the client reached the line where the desired perfumery was located.
  8. Everywhere on the site were installed pictures that you see on the sale page. Price was announced in the "Prices". "Stock. Old price *** UAH.
  9. Advertise about the sale and let Elitparmfume and on his main item posted.
  10. Already in the middle of the action he added “Bought n times” to the inscriptions “Action, etc.” I do not know whether the effect. I think the thing is generally useful in itself. But more about that later.
  11. Were added "buy" buttons that lead to the product page on the main site


It went very well. The bounce rate has not changed. But thanks to the mailing list, the product went very quickly. Did not leave the product, which had a volume of 50 ml. I decided to conduct an experiment and set a sale for 100 ml positions too. And it went))) That is, it turned out that it was a mistake - the purchase of 50 ml positions. As a result, I barely sold them and went much better than 100 ml.

What gave advertising on Elitparfum gave the result, people called from the site and bought for the promotion. Conversion conversion from sale.grasse to the main store rose to 1%.

Focus №4

Last 2 weeks of sale is not so hot. Judging by the information from the front, I do not have one. Somehow it became quiet like (it just seems to me that the rest are quiet).

There was a need in addition to raising sales and replenishing working capital. I decided on a total sale, but under the tricky pretext of "we were broken, now the problem with the mark-up, we decide before the end of the week."

I sent a warning to the customer base. On the main message hung. And he began to wait.


1. Conversion in the context of Google increased by 2.13%. I have thoughts that people who are passing from the context are mostly looking for where it is cheaper. Has anyone thought about this?

2. Site conversion increased by 1%.

At some point, I decided that the sale was justified. But on Wednesday, again, the sales decline. I understand that I’m cutting a spur of the moment, but the main reason why I curtailed the “share” ahead of time was the fact that the cost of servicing orders does not justify itself.

Some people became interested in the possibility of disrupting the perfume on the ball, and some were either frightened or did not understand. But there were negative points. The reason for the "action" was chosen unsuccessfully. It is better not to say anything and directly say about the total sale.

Forgot to specify the link in the body of the letter to customers ((((

The main mistake of this sale was that in a hurry I did not take into account my expenditure side of the business, and it exceeded the earnings that I had established. If you do this, do not forget this factor!

There was a reason for this rush, I will not talk about it.

Well, I talked about my experience with sales. The following article will tell you about the results of the actions: “wash as a gift” and “get a cosmetic bag for free”

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